Facility Use Agreement

Facility Use Agreement

Kingston Church of Christ

Facility Use Agreement


□ Family Center     □ Main Building □ Lakeview Center Common Area

Requested Date(s): _________________Begin Time:__________Until:________

Purpose: __________________________________________________________

Requester’s Name: ________________________________

Organization (if applicable):_________________________

Contact telephone numbers: primary _____________ alternate ______________

Email :__________________________________________

Expected number in attendance:  Adults: _______  Children: ___________



$100.0 per day or $50.00 for half a day plus $75.00 refundable deposit when the “Check Out Sheet” is completed.

$15 per hour for the use of the audio/visual equipment in all facilities.  This includes the auditorium PA system, computer, video projector, large screen TV and the Family Center PA system.


Total amount of payment  $____________


I have read and agree to the above policy:

__________________________________________ ______________

Signature and Title Date



Statement of Policy:

Our church has facilities that are used to carry out the mission of the Church. Therefore, proper oversight must be given to these facilities to ensure that any planned activity is: consistent with what we believe, safe, legal, and protects the facilities.

Building Eligibility Guidelines:

The facilities and equipment of Kingston Church of Christ (KCC) exists for the primary purpose of being used by its members; either by church organized functions or uses sponsored by individual members.  The facilities are also available to outside individuals and organizations for a fee ($100.00 a day or $50.00 1/2 day + $75.00 deposit) and they must sign a Use Agreement.  The priority of use is as follows:

  1. Recognized Groups within KCC:
  • Worship Services
  • Regularly scheduled church activities
  • Church related activities
  1. Church Members
  • Individual Parties and Special Events, e.g., Weddings, Funeral, and Receptions
  • Other informal Church Member requests
  1. Non-members - Community organizations and individuals sponsored events consistent with this policy.


A Facility Use Agreement must be completed by all outside groups and submitted to the office at least one week in advance of the activity. If appropriate, the office administrator or other KCC representative will meet with the user, or a representative, when the reservation is made to review conditions for usage, the expectations and needs for the event, and to set a schedule for room set-up and clean-up as needed. All church activities are scheduled on the master church calendar. Approval Guidelines for the space request use shall be as follows:

  1. 1.  All activities shall be approved by the office pending availability of space.
  2. 2.  Reservations will only be posted as tentative until applicable forms have been submitted and approved by the office and applicable fees have been paid.

In the event that a KCC related activity conflicts with a previously approved reservation, an alternate date/time or place will be offered, if possible.  As a last choice the reservation will be cancelled and all fees and deposits returned.  The cancellation notice will not be less than one month.


Address questions to the church’s office, 376-9230 or 865-850-1647