Opportunities to Serve

Adult Ministries:  To provide spiritual growth opportunities for our adults including, but not limited to, the young adults, ladies, and senior members.  Jon Hackett, Elder: Bill Scott

Benevolence: To provide assistance to our members first, and then assist as many community members as possible through financial aid towards utilities and rent, and the food pantry.  Elder: Ken Beauchamp; Deacon Shawn Scalf

KYG Kids: To help our children think like Jesus through age appropriate materials and classrooms, friendly teachers, and the willingness to meet the needs of our students.  This ministry includes Children's Church and providing opportunities for giving and serving others.  Elder: Bill Scott;  Deacon: Michael Murray, Deena Scalf

Facilities: To oversee the general well being of our buildings and grounds.  Elder: Scott Woodlee;  Deacon:  Arthur Rivers

Fellowship:  To be responsible for planning one church fellowship event a quarter.  Elder: Scott Woodlee;  Deacon: Benson Holmes, Mike Houston

Missions & Orphans: To oversee and report on the current state of our sponsored mission efforts and recommend any additional support or new efforts to the Eldership.  Elder: Leon Smith;  Deacon: Shawn Scalf

Worship: To assign members to serve during our weekly services.  To provide leadership for in-home devotionals with our shut-ins.  Elder: Scott Woodlee;  Deacon: Benson Holmes

KYG: The goal of the Youth Group is to aid students in their spiritual journey by maintaining a proper balance between their needs: Spiritual (FAITH), Social (FAMILY & FRIENDS), and Service (OUTREACH).  Elder: Ken Beauchamp;  Deacon: Michael Murray, Tom Smith

Community Outreach: To plan and provide opportunities to engage in our community.  Elder: Ken Beauchamp;  Deacon: Arthur Rivers, Jon Hackett

Church Technology: To provide training and over-site of audio and visual department including sound, running various computer programs, setting up and recording services, and general website maintenance.  Elder: Leon Smith;  Deacon: Jon Hackett

Membership Involvement & Attendance: To be responsible for growing membership involvement and attendance through various efforts of encouragement and activities.  Elder: Scott Woodlee;  Deacon: Jeff Spurgeon, Mike Houston

Church Fiscal Management: To perform the duties of treasurer and bookkeeper.  Elder: Ken Beauchamp;  Deacon: Ryan Woodlee

Widows & Senior Care: To provide contact and support to our elderly, shut-in, widowed, etc.  Elder: Leon Smith;  Deacon: Shawn Scalf

Visitation: To provide support for our members including visitation of our sick and those needing encouragement.  Elder: Bill Scott;  Deacon: Jeff Spurgeon, Mike Houston, Jon Hackett