Scott Woodlee's letter

Bill, Jon, Leon, Ken, Members of KCOC:

After much thought, prayer, and consideration I feel it is best for me to withdraw from my responsibilities as an elder.  For me the responsibility of serving the congregation as an elder is not taken lightly.  I do not feel it is best at this time to both serve as an elder and support Gail during her battle with cancer.  I am unable to attend worship due to the risk associated with the pandemic and the coming flu season.  The stress associated with all this must be reduced for our best chance of both spiritual and physical health.  It may be possible to serve again as an elder sometime in the future if it is God's will.  I appreciate the prayers and support given during this health crisis.  I wish the eldership, Jon, and the entire congregation the very best.

In Christ,

Scott Woodlee

October 11, 2020

You Are Wanted!!!


Church Family,

It is time to sign up for Children’s Church.   As of now Children’s Church usually has about 3 students, sometimes there will be a couple of guest.  These children deserve an engaging class where they can learn about God’s love.  If you are willing to help please sign-up today.  Last year I had asked that you sign-up to teach four lessons, one lesson each quarter.  Unfortunately, with Covid, fewer people are able to teach.  So please teach as much as you can while still enjoying Jon’s Sunday Sermons.  Remember, the lessons and materials are completed for you.  The children only need about 45 minutes of your time.  Thanks again for all each one of you do to make the future of this church possible.



October and November Schedule

(I still need teachers!)

October                                             November

                                                            11/1 Need a teacher

10/11 Paula                                      11/8 Need a teacher

10/18 Becky & Sonja                    11/15 Jolee & Becky

10/25 Kenzie & Angie                  11/22 Emily & Tom

                                                             11/29 Katie & Herman




  • Gail Woodlee had her last chemotherapy treatment last week.  Three or four weeks of daily radiation treatments will begin four to six weeks from last week.  Hopefully all treatments will be finished by the end of December.  Again Gail and family appreciate the outpouring of prayers.
  • Jackson did great. The surgeon and gastroenterologist said his pouch looks great and no signs of pouchitis. Jackson has about 3cm of colon left and that is very inflamed (they said a ulcerative colitis flare). Even with that tiny amount of colon, it can cause a lot of pain. That inflammation is probably causing the tenesmus as well.
  • Rosemary Bane is home and did great with her hip replacement.
  • Cat made all District MVP!!!


Prayer Requests

Members: Janis Courtney, Mack Wolcott,  Jackson Igou, Melody Austin, Faye Bell, The Mack family, Jonathan Mitchell, Gordon Sutton, Gail Woodlee, Art Hensley, Ken Arndts, Christopher Hathorn, Madison Seiber, Joe Dooley, Faylene Wolcott, Sara Hutzler, Susan Keylon

Family & Friends: Betty Thebault (M. Hutcheson’s sister), Darrell’s family (D. Frogg),  Rosaline Davis (J. Watson’s sister-in-law), Martha Burris (Melody Austin), Mike Ditmer (Arndts family friend), Lester Phillips(Arndts family), Natalie(Sewing 4 Souls daughter), Jimmy Clark (Margaret Hutcheson), Peyton O’Daniel(military deploying C. Scalf), Mickey & Mary Walden(C. Scalf),  Linda Wilton cancer(Ice Lake Church), Mike Schaefer (Dennis Austin), Brandi Grindle (Jimmy & Margaret Hutcheson), Herman Radke’s father, Lena Austin (Dennis Austin’s mother), Clark Marshall(Gasque’s), Tyler Townsend(Darlene’s brother), Steve Higginbotham(Karn’s CoC), Patricia Johns lost her husband of 64 years(Blair’s friend ), Janet Ward(friend of Evelyn Landis), Caroline Layman McCash(Jon Hackett), Osborn family(Jon Hackett), Jeremy Puckett(Cawood)

Shut-Ins: Jean Watson, Kathryn Ragan, Ray Vines, Eloise Arndts

Thursday, October 22, 2020

“A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word!”(Daily Reading, ESV)