Our History

Our History

July 1951 – At a tent meeting near the city school grounds, a decision was made to begin holding regular meetings in the city of Kingston.

September 1951 – First worship service was held at the American Legion Hall in Kingston with forty people in attendance.

March 1952 – The Hartselle property on North Kentucky Street was purchased for a permanent building.

April 1952 – Carson Burroughs preached his first sermon as minister.

July 1952 – An existing building on the Hartselle property was converted into one large auditorium and four classrooms for services. 

June 1955 – A new building with a seating capacity of 356 was completed.

June 1960 – The Kingston Church was formally organized with the appointment of elders and deacons.

January 1961 – A new annex was built that added seven classrooms and office space.

October 1963 – Construction of Dogwood Manor, a residence for the minister, was completed.

May 1971 – A tri-level annex was completed that added nine additional classrooms, offices for the minister and secretary, a library, and facilities for clothing and food pantries.

1977 The church started a Thursday Bible School each Thursday morning for pre-kindergarten children from the church and the community.

August 1978  The congregation started broadcasting the morning worship service on Kingston's new radio station, WTNR, from 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.   

December 1982 – An expansion to the existing auditorium was completed that increased the seating capacity to the existing level of 400.

June 1988 – Hired a summer intern for youth ministry.

1990 – Completion of the Multi-Purpose Family Center and hired a full time youth minister.

November 1994 – First Annual Harvest Sunday - The congregation has a food drive to stock the Food Pantry and a special contribution which has been allotted by the Eldership for specific causes.  The congregation also enjoys a traditional Thanksgiving meal and time of fellowship.

Summer of 2013 – The Kingston Church auditorium was completely remodeled. Including new pews, new flooring, updated stage area, and fresh paint.

Fall and Winter of 2015 – The Kingston Church began a complete renovation plan for the entire building.  Including the relocation of classrooms and offices. 

Summer and Fall of 2016 – The Kingston Church launched a renovation plan for the Family Center Building and Property.

November 2017 – The 5.22 acres and church building structure at 1204 S. Kentucky St. were deeded to the Kingston Church of Christ by the Roane Church of Christ Trustees.



1951 Jack Johnson

1952 - 1955 Carson Burroughs

1955 - 1957 Buford Holt

1958 - 1961 William Potts

1961 - 1965 Raleigh Wooten

1966 - 1968 J.O. Jones

1969 - 1984 Lexie B. Ray

1985 - 1996 Danny Nunn

1996 - 2003 Doug Hall

2003 - 2008 David Lasater

2009 - 2015  Jeff Brown

2016 - 2019  Matthew Balentine



Summer 1988  Tom Tackett

Summer 1990  Lee Skelton

1991 - 1992 Keith Peterson

1993 - 1995 David Kline

1996 - 1998 Danny Nunn

2002 - 2003 Randy Steele

2005 - 2008 Matt Tignor

2009 - 2011 Neil Honey

2011 - 2018 Michael Rector



1993 - 1994 - Paul Cooke